My naturopath referred me to Barry Brownstein when my get up and go, got up and went. My energy level has improved quite a bit since starting acupuncture, and it also helps for symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (with the appropriate acronym of SAD- when you’re just not feeling the “joy of the season”)

I also have a bad knee that I’m getting ready to have surgery on, and I was pleasantly surprised that “Painless Barry” not only wields his needles without pain, but using them has helped my knee pain considerably. I’m now able to strengthen my leg for surgery without pain or further damage!

Another “biggie” for me is appetite and weight control. Unblocking my chi has helped normalize my appetite. Improving my energy level and mood helps with cravings too- I all too often found myself thinking food would give me that joie de vive that seemed to be missing. Who knew I just needed unclogged meridians! If needles in your ear cartilage isn’t your thing, Barry comes to the rescue again with little acupressure balls that are taped to your ears with little Band-Aid things.
Robin T. 12/12/14
A wonderful therapeutic experience! Totally relaxing and enjoyable.
Jo T. 12/8/14
Tai Chi
I have been through two of Barry's Beginning Tai Chi classes and I highly recommend them. I will be continuing on with his classes. What I noticed the most was the new awareness I had of such things as the fact I was not standing straight (being bent to one side), not weighting my feet equally nor balanced front to back, and that I had new range of motion from doing the exercises I started the classes because I'm getting a little older (64) and I ride young horses. I needed to improve my balance and range of motion so I thought I would try this. So glad I did.

I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Barry Brownstein's ability to help you with your health using Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Tai Chi, etc. I had bruised my tibia bone which is very painful and Barry's acupuncture treatments have been about the only thing that has given me relief. I'm sold on this method of treating oneself. I must admit,,,,I'd take an acupuncture treatment every day if I could...they are so relaxing and helpful.
Letha S.
I have been seeing Barry Brownstein for almost five years for arthritis Pain in several different joints. I can not take the normal NASID's for it's treatment, acupuncture was my last option. I have had pain relief and no further bone erosion since I started treatment with Barry. I can say with out hesitation Barry's treatment has allowed me to remain pain free and mobile with out the use of any drug treatment.
John G.
As a new Tucson resident, I was having a hard time finding a reliable acupuncturist. I called a few offices before I found Mr Brownstein's practice. Right away he was able to work with my schedule, and has provided me with phenomenal service every appointment. I would gladly recommend him to anyone, as he has made a lifetime client out of me!
Noel G
I have known Barry over 2 years.
When I first went to him I had several issues with pain in 4 areas of my body.
  1. low back pain, it is no longer a problem that kept me awake at night.
  2. abdominal pain from 6 surgeries, it hurt like the dickens and was red with inflammation, and is no longer an issue.
  3. foot pain, form neuropathy, every time I get a treatment it feels like I am walking on cotton, I continue with treatments.
  4. PTSD, I no longer yell at my wife and can say it has given me a better out look on life.
I will continue to see Barry for treatments because they really help me to feel better " HAPPY FEET - HAPPY LIFE.
Michael R.
I met Barry a few years ago when a colleague referred me to him for my vertigo. I had seen an ENT, neurologist, had numerous tests, taken medicines and continued to have problems. After a few sessions with Barry I started to improve drastically. Last summer I had two out-patient surgeries in 10 weeks. I missed almost two months of work. The pain, swelling and misery continued. My surgeon suggested spinal cord injections to break the cycle of pain. I called Barry and he immediately went to work, again, within 4-6 sessions, I was doing much better. I never had the recommended injections and after talking to so many people that did have them, without success, I'm glad I chose acupuncture to remedy my pain. Whether it's an injury or a need to de-stress, Barry has always come through for me. I appreciate his calm and easy going demeanor, he doesn't rush you in and out like so many other doctors do these days. If you're looking for alternative medicine, I recommend that you see Barry and let him take care or your problems.
Janet B.
I am writing this sincere and thankful endorsement of life-changing Acupuncture Treatment and Tai Chi Chuan lessons from Barry Brownstein, L.Ac. After suffering from chronic pain for the last five years due to work-related injuries, I found myself exhausted, suffering from nerve damage and unable to find relief through numerous medications and years of physical therapy.

Barry offers holistic treatments with out any painful or harmful side effects. He takes the time to fully explain his modalities and treatment plan for me, leaving me fully confident of his abilities. I have actually experienced extended pain relief for the first time in years through his acupuncture and Tai Chi practice with out any further invasive procedures.

My quality of life, focus, gastro-intestinal, stress and pain management issues are now under control and improving over time without daily medication and lengthy office visits. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Barry Brownstein - his skills and knowledge of Eastern Medicine are incredible while offering an affordable treatment plan at the same time.
Thank you,
Monique L.

"Barry is my accupuncturist of choice for over five years. I drive 100 miles round trip for a treatment. He is the best I know for sticking needles in you and making one feel better-- relieving pain. Not only does he listen to my immediate complaints, he also takes a wholistic view of the entire person. Acupuncturist Brownstein will offer a bottle of water, loan you a CD, set the healing atmosphere with appropriate music, and make sure the patient is fully awake after treatment. In summary--Barry does it all and well."
Richard 'rich' R.
Yoga Saguaro

Hi. Wes G here. I started going to Barry last year for horrible Migraine headaches. Hrs of pain & vomiting. I also had a large knot in my right shoulder - neck area which he took away. My Migraines are much farther apart now and much milder. I'm also able to walk much better than I could before. ( added bonus )
It was suggested to me by a colleague that I see Barry Brownstein about a hip problem that was getting worse and that nothing my doctors did improved the situation. I tried medications and physical therapy and nothing was working. I was a little skeptical about seeing an acupuncturist for a hip problem, but the problem was getting worse with every passing month, so I thought I’d give it a try. I was amazed that in just a few sessions the hip was totally pain-free and it has been over 5 years now that I have had no problems with it. I found Barry to be super easy to talk to, very professional, and very skilled in his work. I am currently seeing him about a neurological problem, and he is always thinking about how to improve and adjust treatments to make progress. I get the feeling he really listens and cares about his clients. We are making progress whereas I have made no progress with 2 other doctors’ treatments.
Cheryl B.

After seeing Barry in his acupuncture practice for two different physical problems several years apart, he recently suggested that Tai Chi practice may help resolve my current long-standing neurological problem that has been intractable to dozens of medications my doctors have tried. I am still in the beginning stages of the practice, but feel that Tai Chi is helping me slowly improve. Barry is very skilled, with 35 years of practice in Tai Chi, and he has endless patience with the students. Even when I don’t think he is watching me, I find he notices when I even begin to make the motions that go with my neurological problem. This refocuses me to stop that movement and follow the proper Tai Chi form, and it has helped me actually have periods of time where the unwanted motions are not present, something that hasn’t happened in over 2 years. I already feel a difference in my balance, strength, and ability to move my body smoothly. I can quiet my mind now, and I am just a few weeks into the practice. Barry is an excellent teacher of Tai Chi – I would recommend him to anyone, even those with physical limitations who think they can’t do this practice. It helps overcome physical problems as well as helping focus the mind.
Cheryl B.
My husband and I tried to get pregnant for over two years. Both of us underwent thorough laboratory testing in order to determine possible causes of infertility. All of the test results were normal except that I was not ovulating. While under the medical supervision of gynecologist, I underwent a six months course of fertility treatment with medication to induce ovulation. After failing fertility treatment, my husband and I decided to try acupuncture.

After only three months of acupuncture treatment, we were finally able to conceive. In just several months, we are anticipating the birth of our first child. Now, in my last months of pregnancy, I am seeing Dr. Brownstein for pregnancy maintenance, emotional wellbeing and to get my body prepared for labor. We are grateful to Dr. Barry Brownstein for his compassion, expertise, professional approach and dedication to healing. He has made our biggest dream of having a baby come true. We highly recommend Dr. Brownstein for all acupuncture needs.

Thanks to Barry Brownstein, Yuliya and Alex were blessed with baby boy Yegor on May 8th, 2013. Yegor wt 7 lbs 10 oz, 19.5" long. We are grateful to Barry Brownstein for his expertise, compassion and true dedication to his work.

Yuliya, Alex C, and Yegor
On Acupuncture
Barry was introduced to Eastern thought at a young age. Following his own rigorous education and work in the West he then studied the wisdom of the East, fortunately for us who have come to consider acupuncture and related therapies as important additions to those of us pursuing the healthiest of worlds for ourselves . The understanding we gain, as well as relief from symptoms we can experience as a result of consulting him make seeing him well worth our time. I am reminded of a friend who took her elderly father who was declining in health to Barry. He felt so great afterwards he went horseback riding! May we all awaken the spirit of youth and vigor in ourselves!
I particularly enjoy the sense of calm and peace that seems to flood my body both during and after acupuncture- perhaps aided by the gentle fan whisking a breeze over me as well as the soft music which seems to lodge In my very cells!

On Tai Chi
Fortunately for us Barry encountered Tai Chi early in life and has continued to pursue his craft. His classes are geared to all levels and the training takes place subtly in an easy to follow format. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace in a supportive atmosphere. I encourage you to give this ages-old discipline a try!
I find that after a tai chi practice I feel calmer and more focused. I feel looser somehow in my body and I like that my joints seem to enjoy the movement.
Linda N.
I have been under Barry's care for two years. I went to him with chronic back pain caused by a herniated disk (MRI documented). I had done all the exercises and massages and yet the pain in two years had improved but not gone away. In fact when I saw Barry the pain was getting worse, and I had planned a rim-to-rim backpack (30 pound) of the Grand Canyon in October 2011 and was fearful that I would not be able to do it.

I had instant pain relief! I mean instant. I walked out of his office to drive home and felt like screaming with joy. I had acupuncture treatments weekly and then bi-weekly for three or four months. I have been been getting tune ups since on a monthly basis. And now he is helping me with my insomnia! It seems to be working too! And, by the way, I hiked the Grand Canyon and it was pain free and so successful I will be doing it again this September.

I hate needles. All needles. But the ones used by this Acupuncture Doc are welcome anytime.
Arch B.
Barry Brownstein is the most skilled and intuitive acupuncturist I have had the pleasure to know.

He has helped me overcome the cronic and acute pain I had experienced for years as the result of a degenerative bone disease in my spine. More recently, Barry has helped me rid myself of my addiction to processed sugar and caffeine. Now I look forward to my monthly treatment and my steadily improving health.

At 70 years old, I feel better than ever!
I heartily recommend Barry to anyone who is looking for a partner in achieving better health and well being.
Carl M.
My nagging right shoulder pain is gone. Barry Brownstein has eliminated all my shoulder pain resulting from an injury in 2009. Despite physical therapy and visits to my doctor and orthopedic doctor from 2009-2013, I had pain doing routine tasks such as bicycling and driving for greater than 30 minutes. About one hour after my first treatment, I involuntarily rolled my shoulders and realized I had not been able to roll my shoulders like that since 2009. The following morning I awoke pain free. A second follow up appointment has left me completely pain free in my right shoulder. It has been three weeks and I can do all those things I use to do. It is like getting a new shoulder.
Linda P.
I recently had a deposition done for the insurance company to discuss my back pain. I was asked numerous questions about my medications. They started to ask me when do I feel the best. After a slight hesitation I stated, only after walking out of my acupuncture visits..!!
Michael W.
I was first referred to Barry by a chiropractor twelve years ago. At the time, I could not raise my right arm due to inoperable rotator cuff injuries and arthritis. From the beginning, Barry told me that he could help, but it would take time. (If he doesn’t think acupuncture will be effective for an ailment, he will tell you.) As for my arm, it did take time, but I did regain the use of my arm.

Since that time, I have been receiving ongoing treatments for my lower back, which has improved under Barry’s care. One time, I walked into the clinic and Barry noticed I was walking with pain. In one treatment, he was able to relieve the sciatic nerve pain, and it has not recurred. He also helped my healing after hip replacement.

I consider Barry remarkable, not only for his skill in acupuncture, but as a person. He is dedicated, loyal, honest and sincere. I would not hesitate to recommend him (and I often have) to friends and family.
Augie A. - 11/2013
I first met Barry when accompanying my husband for his treatments. Now in his mid-80s, I sincerely believe his stamina and well-being are attributable in large measure to his consistent treatment by Barry. Many testimonials here have noted his skill in treating various conditions. Let me add that he also takes care after a treatment that his patient is ready to leave the clinic, i.e., energized and clear eyed.

One time when I arrived to meet my husband, I had just come from the lab where I had had a blood draw, which resulted in an infiltrated blood vessel in my arm. Barry quickly treated the swelling that was occurring and I had no adverse effects from the blood draw.

I can also recommend his aesthetic treatment (the “face lift” without surgery). This is amazing! While not the most comfortable acupuncture experience, my face and neck were noticeably more elastic and bright. I received many compliments on how fresh and glowing my skin appeared. A side benefit to the “face lift” sessions is that you also receive the energizing effects of acupuncture generally.
Faith B. - 11/2013
Tai Chi Master Barry Brownstein is one of those rare teachers who inspires me to be more and to do more than I thought I could. His teaching style is one of patience, respect and kindness. I had wanted to try Tai Chi for years but thought I was too large. He encouraged me to try one session and I was hooked. At first I was sitting during most of each class but now my leg strength and balance have improved tremendously so I am standing more than sitting. Barry has continuously encouraged me and helped me as needed. Barry explains and demonstrates each new form thoroughly and patiently repeats each form until we get it. During class when mistakes are made, Barry gently shows the individual how to do the form correctly and never criticizes. He is always available before, during and after class for questions. Master Barry has my highest respect as a teacher and as a person.
Leeanna M. - 03/2015
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