Pediatric Acupuncture

What is a Pediatric (Shonishin) Acupuncture Session Like ?

In TCM, the child is said to be “pure Yang energy”. Their energy is changing and growing at a rapid pace. Look how quickly they grow or how quickly an illness can subside or develop in a child or infant. In effect, children require less stimulation for maximum effectiveness. The first task in pediatrics is for safety and trust to the child. As with any patient, a diagnosis is determined first with the help of the parent describing the condition. Pulses are taken, the tongue appearance is noted and the child is observed. With the diagnosis determined, the treatment starts with gentle brushing and stroking of meridians. This calms every child. Sometimes, a blunt silver instrument is used to touch strategic points to effect the energy re-balancing and metal “press-balls” are put on 1-3 points and sent home with the child. Other times, painless insertions are performed on 3-6 points at strategic locations. Moxa (heat therapy) and cups can also be used. Pediatric treatments last from 10-40 minutes.

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